Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Round Baby Cribs | A Round Crib for a Safe & Stylish Nursery

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Why a Round Baby Crib is Such a Good Idea
Round baby cribs have gained quite a lot of popularity lately and several main factors determine their appeal. Parents fall in love with these because of the beautiful, streamlined appearance, the lack of edges and the functionality of such cribs.
Wondering whether a round baby crib is the right one for your little one? Here are several reasons why the choice makes a lot of sense.
Very Easy to Move
A round crib is much easier to move around the house. It’s easier to lift and there are no edges pressing against your body. As a parent, you’ll soon find out that the baby’s crib will need to be relocated frequently. When it comes to moving furniture around, round cribs are winners.
No Corners – Increased Safety
Once your little one starts moving around and exploring the world, you’ll certainly be worried about edges and sharp corners. A round crib is a lot safer than the traditional one and it can prevent tons of accidents involving a curious baby.
Take Up Less Space
Since the cribs don’t have edges, they can easily be positioned in even the smallest nursery. If your living space is tiny, you should definitely look for this kind of baby crib.
Easy Access
The round baby crib gives you tons of visibility and easy access to your little one. You can reach inside from just about every angle. The round crib is very convenient when you have to pick up a baby quickly and calm them down.